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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Pause menu and FLAMETHROWERS!!!

Also something else ive been working on, it supposed to be a wormhole/jumpgate

havent gotten the worhole into anything that im really satisfied with.


Space ship nuclear powered thermal conversion thrusters!

I tried a couple of different colors of the thrusters but the typical yellow afterburners turned out to seem the most appealing and the most well known.

Space bckground!!!!

Im sure at one point i will loose my model out there.

Here is a turn around of the main characters ship in my game.

The 2 dimensional pixel based ship is now getting a 3rd dimension! With more pixels!

This model will be used in a short video that will be used somewhere within the game, although im not sure how detailed i want to go into the textures as making it too realistic may draw more from the game than adding to it.


Current mission: Add a short animation to the game.
Week1: Some sketches on the animation.   ETA: 1-2 Hour
Score, adding a score and a high scores list. ETA 1 Hour
Week2: Creating a rough model and scene. ETA 2-5 Hours.
A pause function. ETA 1 Hour
Week3: Fixing Model and scene. ETA 2 Hours
Adding color and/or texture to model to represent ship. ETA 2-5 Hours
Week4: Rending and using after effects if necessary to achieve desired finished movie file. ETA 5+ Hours.

+Other features I deem necessary and have sufficient time to add.

Heres a few shot of the sketches.

Well as far as the assignment goes, i have a finished working game that i would consider done. But, being an executable, it is not able to be directly uploaded. Later on I am going to try and put it online via the Game Maker website, or The finished file being a .EXE, can be ran on all windows computers and Mac’s that are compatible with Bootcamp– which is software that comes with Intel based snow leapord systems that allows it to read windows ready executable files.