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This is the title page for my  game and i suppose it also contains the title of the game.

I find the title to be appropriate to the story as the player has been outcast from their home world because a new regime has taken over in their absence.


** Edit

this is a shot of some working dialogue, the sprites mouth moves while the text is being drawn and a typewriter sound plays out while the text is generating.



  1. i really love the font you used for the title.

    • Gabrielle McDaniel
    • Posted October 25, 2011 at 8:39 am
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    i love how wild the colours are
    so distracting

  2. The lightning that’s in the word outcast is pretty awesome! I think that the lightning bolts and the sparks of lightning underneath the letters really adds to the title. It gives it a more dimensional feel and it’s really interesting to look at!

  3. I am anxious to see how this game turns out. I like that you took a very different spin on this project – a video-game is a great way to not only tell a story, but involve the viewer/player with it. Maybe while playing you could have some dialogue and pictures come up to describe the enemies, the boss, and the main character – like a chat box that did not interfere with the game play but added to the story.

    • i actually have some working dialogue in the beginning but i am still trying to figure out how to put it side by side with the game or pause the game so that it does not screw with the player.

  4. I like the progress on the second half of this post. The story gets established by the protagonist trying to communicate with the home planet. Outcast as a title seems applicable but not the best solution. I like the font.

    • Well yea i understand based on my current story it might not be the best title. On my end though it seems as fitting as a title as many flash games have to their own works, and some professional games have a title that do not even make sense.

      On the production side i can basically make any 3d text in illustrator and with a few tweaks in my .psd file i can change the text and still keep a similar effect. The way my .psd is set up is very flexible.

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