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Screen cap yall! This is the working shot of a top down shooter IN PROGRESS.

Theres not much to it at the moment, background music, smooth player movement, moving background with loop transition problems, shooting and of course… explosions.

Unfortunately i cannot upload the files or the executable, and executable’s are not able to be ran on most Macintosh operating systems.
If you are really interested, and have access to a computer that can run .exe files (basically anything besides a mac with admin capabilities)
i can try and send the .exe via email or via physical transfer from a flash drive.
best chance via online is to shoot me an email to, the less checked and possibly too overly secure email would be (no guarantee)

Remember! Never open attachments from people you do not know! Even then your friends could still be trying to send you viruses!


Well today i have actually changed some sprites ( ufo has been converted into an NPC)

Added randomly spawned enemies with variable speeds and variable times between shots.

That’s also the image of a boss right there too, even though it has just an enlarged image of the ufo for the moment.

The hp bar is also working! (green rectangle top left)


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