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For Fun… and a half

For fun i played around with a  quick scene and shadows and leaned the object against a wall to see how they would look.



  1. I like how this piece came together. I think the weapons look real sitting against the wall, and I think that the background
    of the wall helps enhance the piece since it looks like a real environment.

  2. The wall really does enhance all of your pieces. It makes them even more believable, since they are in a believable space/environment. It is obvious that you are skilled with the programs you used, which is really impressive and inspiring. I appreciate the way you chose very different weapons to showcase your skills in the program!

  3. I like this presentation better as it applies some weight and gives me a better comparison of size difference. Something tells me one would have to be a total badass to wield any of them.

    I would like to see the reflection of the stone wall in the metal, assuming that the weapons are in an enclosed environment of stone walls. The floor could be more rudimentary. It looks a bit like my dining room hardwood.

    • yea that’s kind of the reason why i kept very little of the floor in the shot, it also did not look very welded together with the wall which makes it look even more fake.

  4. I like the war hammer in its modeling the best. The textures look much better in this image, as well as the rendering. I’d like to see where you go with next with 3D modeling.

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