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The Warhammer


The warhammer. A devastating weapon, either designed for to be used in 1 hand for  close contact fights or from horseback , attached to a pole for a longer range, or as a two-handed weapon of fury.

The warhammer is designed to avoid the common protections against slashing and piercing, and instead is focused on doing direct physical damage to the body.

A sword may hit against a helmet ad slide off, whereas a hammer may crush the helmet and give the wearer a concussion or worse.

Spikes were added on the back ends to make a more versatile weapon. The spike could be used to catch a piece of armor or shield and tear it from the user.

In the late medieval period spikes were added to the front of the hammer to make it even deadlier. Such as if a sword were thrust at a breastplate and the blade might still be deflected, now you have a much heavier weapon punching with many tips.

As far as my tracked time on this i would say at least ten full hours of work time, whether initial drawing which may be uploaded later if i can scan them, research, concept, modeling, lighting, texturing, and rendering.



    • jallisoncundiff
    • Posted September 29, 2011 at 5:41 am
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    Nice job, I think this is probably my most favorite of all the weapons you’ve made. The concept and texturing especially. Though maybe perhaps try different things with the lighting, is this white lights? Try maybe a slightly more warm, or colder.

    • Yes they are the default color lights. I did mess around with the intensity and angles of the lights but i wanted to present these as “pure” as possible so that everything would be shown as if you were seeing it in perfect lighting.
      and the hammer is my favorite too, i think i actually prefer this image over what was presented as my finished.

  1. First off, I like the amount of research that you do. It helps a lot when presenting the image and gives the viewer a better understanding of it. This is my favorite of the series because of the texture and variety of views.

    • Well anymore for me its not really research as most of the information is engrained into my skull.

    • Gabrielle McDaniel
    • Posted September 29, 2011 at 8:25 am
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    I like this! and i love the layout, looks like you’ve gotten it from about every angle. very cool

  2. I too really enjoy the texturing on this one a lot compared to the other ones, but still wish there was a background to go with them. Overall I think this is your strongest one.

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