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Here is my finished flail(s).

The one on the top has been rendered out with default maya render settings, the one of the bottom was rendered out with default mental ray settings.

The one on the bottom is a little distorted because of a complication in resolution transfer. My personal preference is the maya defaults for the main reason of the link and chain. I really like the “used” feeling from the dark stoney texture.
The mental ray some exceptional work on the wood if you can get close enough and the chain still looks great but it seems a little more polished up which is not the texture i wanted.

Setting on both images are the same as far as texture/shaders.



    • jallisoncundiff
    • Posted September 14, 2011 at 10:01 pm
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    This looks great! I love using mental ray, have you tried Final Gathering yet? And is that a bump map?

  1. Thanks, i have not used final gathering yet. I am working at getting deeper into all the elements that maya has, and yes. There are actually 3 different elements, the leather straps, the wood, and the ball and chain. They all contain some degree of a bump map as well as some other extras like a stucco on the wood.

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