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Monthly Archives: September 2011

For Fun… and a half

For fun i played around with a  quick scene and shadows and leaned the object against a wall to see how they would look.


Day 5 Presentation!@!

I messed around a bit trying different backgrounds and the like for my images but nothing seemed to be globally effective. So after some surfing the ol’ internet looking at ways to present my images, it just started to seem that a plain white background seems to work best in most cases. The white does not hide any features of the image and can possibly highlight certain things. I also wasted them to not be straight down in a line either. So after some time messing within the HTML side of WordPress i managed to size and get them all into a decent looking square. I also kind of liked them pointing into the center. They are still 4 separate images and clicking on them will enlarge them.




The Warhammer


The warhammer. A devastating weapon, either designed for to be used in 1 hand for  close contact fights or from horseback , attached to a pole for a longer range, or as a two-handed weapon of fury.

The warhammer is designed to avoid the common protections against slashing and piercing, and instead is focused on doing direct physical damage to the body.

A sword may hit against a helmet ad slide off, whereas a hammer may crush the helmet and give the wearer a concussion or worse.

Spikes were added on the back ends to make a more versatile weapon. The spike could be used to catch a piece of armor or shield and tear it from the user.

In the late medieval period spikes were added to the front of the hammer to make it even deadlier. Such as if a sword were thrust at a breastplate and the blade might still be deflected, now you have a much heavier weapon punching with many tips.

As far as my tracked time on this i would say at least ten full hours of work time, whether initial drawing which may be uploaded later if i can scan them, research, concept, modeling, lighting, texturing, and rendering.

Kept getting an IO error when trying to upload ANY file so it looks like i have to upload t somewhere else and link it in here for the time being.

Well my next model here is a Bastard Sword
here is a reference image link if you care.

A bastard sword is an English variant of a long sword. They are often called had and a half swords because some sword techniques use the other hand on either the pommel or on part of the blade in order to control it more effectively.
Like traditional long-sword’s they are doubles bladed weapons and generally make use of both hands and are used for slashing more than anything else.

At this point the model is done and is nowhere near where i wanted it to be but the day i was working on it I just was not a good day for me.
The model is done but i would still like to tweak it and make it more presentable but i do not have the current time to revamp it. It might get done tomorrow morning

Here is my finished flail(s).

The one on the top has been rendered out with default maya render settings, the one of the bottom was rendered out with default mental ray settings.

The one on the bottom is a little distorted because of a complication in resolution transfer. My personal preference is the maya defaults for the main reason of the link and chain. I really like the “used” feeling from the dark stoney texture.
The mental ray some exceptional work on the wood if you can get close enough and the chain still looks great but it seems a little more polished up which is not the texture i wanted.

Setting on both images are the same as far as texture/shaders.

Here is a reference for a flail that i am making

I project 5 hours of straight work.
2 to make the model

2 to get textures applied and mess around with mental ray (maybe?)

1 for post editing for presentation.


Well the image did not come in so here is a link to the said reference flail.–hr3-246-p.asp

Here is my first finished object. It was rendered out of Maya a few times and then Photoshopped together for a little snazzier image.

Feel free to leave feedback, especially bad things about it.

“You do not learn as much from success as you do from defeat”

If you want to leave a personal comment but want it to remain anonymous to others or do not want it to be shown at all because it will make you feel bad  just say so in the title of your post. They all have to get permission from me anyhow.


   The Spear

This image is the inspiration for my own spear design.
Spears were weapons designed as a shaft with a point on one end. They can be either short or long.
Normal spears were generally seen to be 6-8 feet in length while some longer spears were as long as 14 feet.

My spear is designed to be closer to the shorter variants with points on both ends.

Reference Image Link:

The Fail

This was my first shot at making the spear and texture.
It was boring, bland, and the texture just was not doing it for me. I scrapped it and started over. I would say maybe set me back an hour and a half.

Failed Spear

~~ Day 01-2 ~~

Tasks and possible additions to include in my current project.

– Model Desings or references — 1 Hour

– Creation of model — 1 Hour

– Texture — 2 Hours

– Background/Additional post editing — 1 Hour

-Lighting and rendering — 1 Hour