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Still need to work on finessing it and trying to get some video game footage in there but here it is


Quick playblast of a slowpoke rig

Visit the blog for our poke-cross here

We have a new blog site dedicated to our pokemon model that will be in a live action shot, find more at Poke-Crosspokecrosss

Slowpoke Rig

A rigged/skinned model of a slowpoke with minor distortions to test the skin, i did not make the model

Business Card

working mockup business card

Ok… so me playing the game took about 9 minutes….. way to long for the presentation,
So…. i cut it up a lot and showed just some of the important parts,
It i also unlikely that — at the horrible recording quality combined with a projector and a horrible output quality–
anyone will be able to read any of the text anyhow.

This link will take direct you to a download page



David Reed — O…
Added: 11 December 2011
By: epyon11

.GMK and .EXE file included
if for some reason that link doesnt work heres this one CLICK ME!!!!!

Well the game is in a finished state, i am still working on settling account issues in order to be able to post the actual file on a site.

I will post a URL as immediately as i am able to upload my files.

For now here is the finished Intro video

The image should say it all, but just in case…

A couple of the enemies drop these new power-ups which heal and change the weapon type of the player, weather you like a particular weapon better, or are just injured and need the heals.

The earth has been modified to create a better sensation of tension and wonderment as it crawls accross the screen.

The two new weapon also feature a different firing method from the traditional rocket.